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Streamline and expand your practice
without incurring the overhead costs of hiring a full-time associate lawyer 
Outsource your work to me in full confidence that it will be completed to the highest professional standards, when you need it. With years of experience as Crown counsel appearing regularly in the Court of Appeal for Ontario, I have specialized expertise in legal research, writing and appellate practice, and know the importance of thorough, accurate and insightful case preparation.

I offer a wide range of contract legal services, including:

  • issue-specific research memoranda; summary of caselaw; sentencing  tables tailored to your client’s circumstances
  • opinions on the merits of appeal
  • preparatory appeal work, such as summarizing transcripts and documentary evidence
  • drafting portions of, or complete facta, ready for filing
  • memoranda of argument for use in preparing for oral argument, complete with transcript, appeal book and caselaw references
  • full carriage of criminal appeals
  • supervision of junior counsel on all aspects of appellate practice, including jurisprudential analysis and development; consultation and feedback on draft facta 
  • caselaw summaries and analysis for legal publications
Whether your current practice is focused on trials, appeals or a combination of both, consider the various ways in which an experienced “as-needed associate” can help expand your practice without increasing overhead:
  • offload time-consuming research, drafting and appeal preparation
  • take on files that your workload would not otherwise permit
  • expand your appeal practice
  • devote your valuable time to the most profitable work
  • if you are located outside of the GTA, reduce the cost associated with travelling to the Court of Appeal by contracting out entire appeal files
  • take on large appeals without disrupting associates’ existing workloads
  • offload time-intensive supervisory functions in relation to your appellate practice
  • eliminate delays arising from scheduling conflicts when appeal matters are required to be perfected
  • increase productivity and job satisfaction by not overloading associates
  • achieve flexibility in the management of your practice
Most importantly, you need not expend the two most valuable resources – your time and energy – 
on training and supervising a junior lawyer.
With my experience, skills and uncompromising commitment to quality and professionalism,
you can outsource any task to me with complete confidence and peace of mind. 
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