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My Client Service Philosophy 

From your first contact with me you will find that I am approachable and informative. I understand that the legal system can be confusing and intimidating. I am also aware that, if you are calling about an appeal, you have already gone through a stressful experience with a negative outcome. My goal is to unravel the legal system for you and to be fully accessible to answer whatever questions you may have, so that you are an active and knowledgeable participant in the appeal process, rather than feeling helpless and bewildered.


To this end, I view the lawyer-client relationship as a collaborative one. If I am working for you, I promise you the following:

Honesty and Integrity  


At every stage of our relationship, I will give you an honest and realistic assessment of your legal options and the possible outcomes so that you can make an informed decision on how to proceed. Once you have decided on a course of action, I will work with you to achieve the best possible result, no matter how much time and effort is required. I will never take the easiest and fastest route through a case just to “get it over with.”


Attentive and Informative Service


I will explain every step of the appeal process and keep you apprised of all developments and upcoming work that needs to be done. I will also explain the court rules and legal principles governing the issues in your appeal. If you are unsure or have a question about anything, don’t hesitate to send a quick e-mail or drop a line. It is important to me that you feel as comfortable as possible with the process and the steps we are taking in your case. I will always take the time to give you the personal attention and information that I myself like to receive when dealing with others.




I do not screen calls/messages based on who pays the most or is the most demanding. I answer all calls and messages personally and as soon as possible. That is usually within the hour. If I am in court or assisting another client, it may be later in the day.


Personal Service          


I do all legal work personally and do not delegate to juniors or paralegals. If a situation arises where it may be beneficial to engage the services of an agent for a specific and limited purpose, I will explore this option directly with you.

Absolute Dedication     


I invest the same unreserved effort and dedication to every client’s cause, no matter the offence or if you’re on a legal aid certificate. When you hire me, your case becomes my case, and I take that responsibility very seriously.
Appellate Expertise      


While there may be hundreds of criminal lawyers in the province, the vast majority of them work only in the trial courts. A very small percentage of lawyers also do appeals -- but not exclusively. When you consider that the law and procedure relating to appeals can be quite different from trials, appellate experience becomes an important factor in choosing the right professional to assist you at the appeal stage. My practice is devoted entirely to criminal appeals -- it’s all I do. That kind of focus will give you a considerable advantage in the appeal court. (Learn more about my legal background here.)


Cost-Effective Fees      


When you hire me you are not subsidizing office overhead in an expensive downtown high rise, or a staff of associates and secretaries. I have one assistant who serves on an as-needed basis, and colleagues to assist only as necessary. When you hire me, you are paying for the expertise, insight and effort I devote to your case and nothing else. For this reason, I am able to offer exceptional legal services at more affordable rates than other lawyers with comparable, or less, appellate experience. All fees will be clearly set out and in most cases a block fee (flat rate) can be established with a flexible payment schedule. 


Open Communication 


I encourage my clients to communicate openly with me, as I do with them. If I can be a better lawyer to you, please tell me how. If something is troubling you, let me know. I will do everything I can to promote a mutually respectful and beneficial lawyer-client relationship. As in any relationship, trust is essential. Know that my job is to ensure that you get the full benefit of all legal rights applicable to your situation. I do not judge you or the case, or carry out my duties differently based on the offence(s) at issue, the position taken at trial or those being considered on appeal. 
--  Not all lawyers are the same.
When you work with me you will be pleasantly surprised. --
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