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 How do I evaluate the credentials of a lawyer that I am thinking of retaining?
One of the easiest ways to verify a lawyer’s experience is to see if any of their cases have been published in a criminal cases reporting service. These publications are research tools for the legal profession. Because “the law” is not just what is written by lawmakers but also how those laws are interpreted and applied by the courts (as set out in the court’s Judgment), court decisions that have significance for the understanding and further development of the law are published by reporting services. Such decisions are referred to as “reported cases.”
In the past, reported cases were difficult to access for non-lawyers. With the advent of the internet, however, there are various websites from which anyone can freely access court decisions. Most courts across the country have their own websites with a database of decisions released by that court. The Canadian Legal Information Institute  maintains its own database of noteworthy decisions. It also contains useful links to all levels of courts and legislation for every jurisdiction in the country
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