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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a lawyer who specializes in appeals?
Would you hire the carpenter who framed your house to carve a miniature wooden replica of a castle for your daughter’s birthday? While both are craftsmen (or craftswomen) in wood, the two jobs are markedly different and require different tools, skills, knowledge and experience.
In the same way, while a criminal trial and a criminal appeal are both proceedings in criminal law (as opposed to some other area of law, like real estate), they are very different in nature. While a trial is mainly concerned with establishing the facts through the testimony of witnesses and other evidence, an appeal is mainly concerned about fine points of law as they apply to those facts.
Generally speaking, you have only one chance to appeal  your conviction and/or sentence. As with any other challenge in life, success cannot be guaranteed and is dependent upon many variables that are beyond your control. However, the one factor that is entirely within your control is the lawyer you choose to represent you. Maximize your chances of success by hiring an appeals expert to put your best case forward.