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I devote my practice to what I know best: criminal appeals.  That's it. That's all I do. 

I have appeared in every level of court, including the Supreme Court of Canada, but by far the overwhelming bulk of my practice is in the Court of Appeal. Because very few cases progress to this level (learn more about court structure here), most lawyers are inexperienced in Court of Appeal practice, which places them at a distinct disadvantage when appearing in this court.

Before opening my own law practice, I gained years of invaluable training and experience as Crown Counsel in Canada's largest criminal law office, located in Toronto, which is responsible for the conduct of all appeals in the province that reach the Court of Appeal in Criminal Code matters. Having appeared regularly in the Court of Appeal, I provide clients with a crucial advantage at the appellate level which can not be underestimated. In the vast majority of cases, the Court of Appeal is the last recourse for litigants.

In my years of criminal practice I have dealt with the full range of Criminal Code offences from sexual assault to murder, white collar crime and participating in a criminal organization. I have argued complex criminal law issues -- such as self-defence, the state of mind required to establish murder and issues arising under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms -- as well as, of course, more common issues surrounding the credibility of prosecution witnesses. I have successfully fought to lead new evidence on appeal (referred to as "fresh evidence") to invalidate and overturn convictions.  (Go to My Cases to read court decisions in some of the appeals that I have argued.)

I have been featured in the nationally-distributed Lawyers Weekly Newspaper concerning one of my successful Court of Appeal cases, and also as a commentator on other notable jurisprudence.

In addition to representing clients in court, I also provide research, drafting and consulting services to other criminal lawyers, law firms and legal publishers. If you require such services, click here to read more.
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